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Art for the Office

Furnishing office and spaces of work with art is a way to not only make workspaces pleasant, but also a way to be more stimulated and more productive.

Art as a communication tool brings comfort to the workplace, is inspiration, a stimulus for creativity and improves the sense of well-being.

Thanks to an artwork, the company improves its image because with a painting it is enriched with personality and strengthens of his brand.

It makes a valuable contribution to the corporate culture, projecting the corporate image positively to the outside world by representing an open and creative corporate philosophy with a balance between work and private life.
With Hani Badawi paintings, workspaces are enhanced, creating a unique atmosphere with his style: from the office, to meeting rooms, to all the work sharing spaces.

Large paintings give the premises something certain and impress with emphasis in front of existing potential customers, business partners or associates.
Thinking for small or large companies, law and professional firms, doctors' offices, hotels or restaurants with the artworks of Hani Badawi you can create a curated art collection.

It is a pleasure to give the company an unmistakable face with which it can credibly demonstrate with its philosophy that it is sustainable for employees, partners and customers.
The advantage of having an eclectic artist, master of the technique of color, with Hani Badawi artwork's you can have a painting as a unique and always personalized piece.
Vibrant accents can be created with color-intensive artworks if the workspace decor is simple and neutral.

Or in contrast with artworks of lighter and softer colors if the workspaces are already colored, giving a simplicity and aesthetic elegance.
The artist is happy to support individual ideas and advise in the choice of his works of art by creative style, size and colors to communicate the values and company philosophy.

For more information please contact the artist.

Contact me for more information and book your online video consultation with the artist

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