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Consulting and Design projects

When you buy a painting you are always driven by the emotion that the painting arouses or by the desire to see the painting you like among your own collectible artworks or simply as an artwork that enriches and improve your home.

Often people are looking for a painting to complete their home without looking for a defined style or without having clear ideas but driven by a creative impulse that communicates the artwork.

Who choose a Hani Badawi artwork become aware of a message that goes beyond style, with the meaning of shapes and colors that break the patterns of everyday domestic life, creating strong connection with the artist that go beyond emotion, creating an aura of comfort and positive energy in your own home.

The artist has a great artistic talent and has a complete vision of art in design, thanks also to his design studies. Hani Badawi is available to offer an art advice in choosing his paintings for all who want to buy one of his artworks.

Contact the artist and ask how for free art advice.

By choosing one or two Hani Badawi artworks, thanks to the first free art advise, the artist will have the pleasure of creating an art furniture simulation with the chosen painting in their own home for those who want to enhance and give personality to their spaces at home with a Hani Badawi artwork.

Contact the artist and find out how to request a complete study project.

Contact me for more information and book your online video consultation with the artist

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