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Art as Gift Idea

How many times have we looked for a special gift for someone special?

Art gives emotions and who gives an artwork makes the loved one happy.

You can surprise those you love or make a unique moment in life unforgettable by giving a painting by Hani Badawi who, with his sensitivity and research in stylistic details and in the use of color, amazes everyone with his works full of personality.

Some examples of gift ideas?

Whether it is for your mother or your life partner, you can choose one of the paintings of Figurative Cubism that Hani Badawi always paints with the woman at the center, as symbol of life, strength, union and liaison.
There are several works that express elegance and kindness as in his Pop Art Color from his unique and unmistakable style artworks with mixed and shaded colors that fill you with a good mood, perfect gift idea for your father, brother or partner of a lifetime.
And if you want to think a gift to make a unique moment in life such as a birth, a birthday, anniversary or ceremony unforgettable, Hani Badawi will have the pleasure of studying a personalized project to surprise those who will receive it, thinking for example of works on commissions with Custom Portraits.
As a wedding gift, Hani Badawi creates several works to seal a unique bond between the spouses. The gift can also be donated by friends and families by participating each with a share such as the idea of giving a personalized piece of artwork such as Modern Landscapes.
Ask for more information how to give a personalized artwork to the future spouses.

In addition to personalized gifts, the occasions to create a luxury gift with Hani Badawi painting can be different. You can think of donating an artwork for the Christmas period, or for corporate gifts to your customers, employees, colleagues and why not, give art for yourself!

The Hani Badawi artworks never lose value over time and every year they acquire more and more value. They are all unique pieces not only signed, but also certified and authenticated by the artist which recognize to all collectors and those who have purchased the first painting of Hani Badawi uniqueness and the value of the artwork over time.

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